Snow Day Fun

Since it was too cold to go to school, me and my little sister did a lot of cool things together.  We also did some things with our family like watch a movie (the nutcracker and thefour realms.)

When I am with my little sis, I like to teach her school.  We do things like reading small words.  Sometimes when I have nothing planned, we have free time, so she likes to do math challenges.

Another thing we did together was we got little barbie setsand we opened them up together.  After all that, I read a TON of books.  Then Aubrey insisted that she read a few books to me.

Since my room is painted like a jungle, Aubrey and I like to pretend camp.  We both took blankets, tied them around our waists and climbed up the ladder of my bed pretending to rockclimb. Then once we got to the top, we pretended to set up a tent and camp.

Also, me and Aubrey took a bouncy ball and played toss.  I have some cool art pens and markers, so we drew with them.  I also like to stay up late at night.  When I do I either read or do puzzle mania.

Aubrey and I like to make up little science experiments too.  We also played pretend library because we have a lot of books.  Aubrey got a journal she wrote and drew in.  I have a bunch of notebooks I draw and write stories or poems in.  Me and my sis were also sick, so we missed an extra two days.


One thought on “Snow Day Fun

  1. Hailey, I am beaming with pride at your risk-taking ways, confidence, and overall empowerment! Thank you for sharing with all of us! You are quite the idea generator, creating so many awesome moments for you and your little sister. I am very happy that you are on the mend so that we can team up and build your website to shine all of your fabulousness! You are a ROCK STAR! #OwnIt365edu

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